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We believe the world of quality wine is meant to be explored and understood. But where do you even start? The wine industry has never made things easy for us drinkers - using big words, confusing labels, and strange additives. Most wines you grab on your grocery store shelves are mass-produced by one of a handful of alcohol conglomerates. We’re on a mission to change that. Go big by thinking small We scoured the globe for small-batch wines, but we couldn’t pick just one. Instead, we curated these wines into tasting flights, each featuring 6-8 single-glass servings. No matter where you are in your wine journey, there’s a collection for you: from the classics of California, to the mountains of Washington, to the traditional styles of Old World Europe, to the wild wines in between. But don’t stop here We want to empower you on your wine journey. We hope you love our wines, but, more than anything, we hope we inspire in you a love for exploring the wide world of quality wine.

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