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Congratulate the ones you care about with our Congratulations Prezzee Smart eGift Card. The Prezzee Congratulations Smart eGift Card is the ultimate swap card that turns into one or more gift cards from hundreds of top brands! Swap to Target, Sephora, DoorDash, Macy's and many more. It’s the ultimate shopping spree wrapped up in one great gift card!

Being 100% digital, it can’t get lost, and it’s sustainable so there’s no plastic or unwanted gifts ending up in landfills!

Have it delivered instantly or schedule it to arrive at the perfect time via SMS or email.

It’s easy to send:

  1. Select the Congratulations Smart eGift Card and the gift value
  2. Choose a special greeting card, add your own photo or video message
  3. Save or store in the Prezzee wallet and always have them with you on your phone.

And simple to swap and spend:

  1. Click on the Prezzee Congratulations Smart eGift Card from the email or SMS message
  2. Select a retailer eGift card you like and the amount to swap to that card
  3. Repeat until the money runs out!

Sign up and never lose another eGift card! Store all your eGift cards securely in the Prezzee wallet and have them ready to go on your phone whenever you are.

Your recipient can redeem their Congratulations Smart eGift Card for one or multiple participating retailer Gift Card/s, up to the gift card value. The Congratulations Prezzee Smart eGift Card doesn't expire for users to exchange to a new retailer gift card of their choice. Once the new gift card has been selected new expiration dates will be set and terms and conditions of the chosen retailer gift card will apply.

Retailer Gift Card Terms & Conditions